White label NFC Tag Campaign Manager

Version 4.1

This web app enables you to use NFC tags in marketing campaigns. The app also gives detailed analytics reports.

Run engaging campaigns that:

✓ get people chatting on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ with the hashtag campaigns

✓ get smartphone apps discovered with the app store campaigns

✓ get more likes, followers, and subscribers with the social network campaigns

✓ get products/services reviewed with the review campaigns

✓ get leads to sales reps with the leads campaigns

✓ get people networking with the networking campaigns

✓ track your own website with the website campaigns


This white label application will enable you to create NFC tag campaigns, and track them from your own server and website address.

The app supports campaigns for smartphone app downloads in app stores, hashtag discussions on the major social networks, Facebook/Twitter/Google+ likes & followers, product or service demos with videos, networking with dynamic vCards, and lead capture.

Each campaign on the app is tracked, and gives reports that include location with street view, devices, operating systems, and engagement activities.

The app comes with user accounts, each with its own login credentials. It's therefore possible to sign up users with it.

NFC tags are not provided. The app simply generates links to be used on NFC tags, then redirects the user to a NFC supplier you nominate. Affiliate referrals are supported.

Title Description
Campaign types Hashtags, smartphone app stores, social media, product demos, networking, mobile websites
Link & page tracking Tapped/clicked links are tracked with or without a redirect URL. Landing page activity is tracked where the tracking code is installed.
Reports Location with/without street view, devices, operating systems, engagement activities, page views, and time on site.
Bulk NFC tags Generate multiple trackable NFC links for vCards or mobile websites.
Billing ( requires plugin ) Get paid via Stripe, PayPal, or 2Checkout
User accounts Admins, clients, and subusers (subusers requires plugin)
Plugin ( not included ) Adds QR codes and user account subscription with billing.
Affiliate referrals Link to NFC tag suppliers with your affiliate link, for example: RapidNFC.
CRM Offer voice, email, and live chat support to your users/clients.
Theme Bootstrap, mobile & tablet friendly. Brand with your own logos, colors etc.
Multi-lingual support Yes

Your server needs to meet the specifications below. You can use this file to test your server.

  • PHP 5.3 and above
  • Linux server
  • MySQL database
  • JSON enabled
  • Curl enabled
  • Ioncube enabled
  • Zlib enabled
  • Zip enabled
  • Mcrypt enabled

Recommended hosting companies

How much does the web app cost?

The web app costs $100. It's a one-time charge.

Are there any additional costs?


Can I install the web app on my server?

Yes you can! Just ensure your server meets the specs. You can use this script to test your server - https://ventipix.com/app-test.zip.

Can I install the web app on multiple domains?

Yes, but you'll need a license for each domain.

Can I modify the source code?

Yes you can, but note a few files are encrypted. This however, wouldn't inhibit you from making modifications.

Do you offer customization of this app?

Yes we do. Charges will vary depending on the type of customization needed.