Using QR codes to deliver mobile coupons

This is a very simple web application that will enable you to offer simple mobile coupons.

When a customer scans the QR Code, they are shown a mobile page that describes what the offer is all about. If they like it, they then download an image/barcode you uploaded. This is then presented at the store where it can be redeemed.


  • Generate QR Codes with different colors, sizes and error correction levels.
  • Use a WysiWyg editor to describe the offer.
  • View the number of times the coupon has been downloaded.
  • View the number of QR Code scans, the scanning devices, and their location.

Please note: the coupon app described above has been deprecated.

We recommend using the newer White Label In-store Mobile Coupon Manager for mobile coupons, Facebook Offers, Twitter and Email lists.

Coupon Manager For Facebook Offers, Twitter & Email Lists