Using QR codes as mobile tickets

This is a simple web application that gives you the ability to offer 2D mobile barcode tickets. You can specify these barcode tickets to be either in Aztec, Datamatrix or QR Code format. These tickets are then sent to your customers using SMS.

The application will generate QR Codes for you and gather analytics data when people scan them. These generated QR Codes, used on existing printed materials, are what people scan when they are out and about. They then view the event details, and download tickets in the format that you specify.

As they opt in to receive promotional details from you, you will easily build a client database; that you can then market to using SMS, send feedback surveys, and keep them informed about an event's status.

As it was designed to enhance print marketing, you will be able to compare the effectiveness of each print marketing campaign by defining goals. Each ticket booking made is considered a goal.


  • Generate QR Codes with different colors, sizes and error correction levels.
  • Use a WysiWyg editor to compose the event description.
  • Offer free tickets, or chargeable ones using PayPal.
  • Send marketing messages and updates via SMS or email.

Please note: the app described above has been deprecated.

We recommend using the newer advanced application at for ticketing, attendee and event management.

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