Asset Tracker & Inventory Manager

Version 5.0.1

This software will enable you to use a smartphone to track and manage fixed or portable assets, and inventory.

This application, along with our smartphone apps for iOS, Android and Windows, enables you to record details about an asset or inventory by scanning barcodes/QR Codes or tapping NFC tags.

You can easily record all your assets details, run services such as asset check-in and check-out, asset audits, asset reservation and record asset maintenance history.

You can also use the same app to record inventory details, stock-take, and track stock quantities.

The application also enables you to:

✓ view and update asset and inventory records online

✓ pair the smartphone app with the web app and use a smartphone solely as an external barcode scanner and NFC tag reader, or

✓ scan barcodes or tap NFC tags to a web-based Excel-like spreadsheet

✓ scan multiple barcodes/NFC Tags related to a single asset/inventory

✓ capture GPS coordinates with each barcode scan or NFC tap

✓ capture asset/inventory details offline and sync later online

✓ customize Data Capture fields

✓ import assets/inventory in a custom format

✓ generate and print barcodes in many formats e.g QR Codes, Datamatrix, Codabar etc

✓ take and upload photos of an asset or inventory

✓ upload documents and associate them with assets/inventory

✓ have the app issue notification emails for events such as overdue assets, stock expiry, warranty expiry, low stock, etc

✓ have multiple users scan assets/inventory

✓ track and update delivery status

✓ track Work in Progress (WIP)

✓ log who, what and when data


Available for Linux servers or Windows Desktop

If you prefer not to host the software yourself, you can use our hosted version here.

This web application will enable you to effectively track and manage assets and inventory online, whilst maintaining the security and integrity of your data.

This web application works together with a smartphone app. The smartphone apps enable you to use your phone/tablet to scan barcodes or tap NFC tags. Many 1D and 2D barcode formats are supported, including QR codes.

After a barcode is scanned or a NFC tag is tapped with the smartphone app, you will be prompted to answer some questions that relate to the asset or inventory. Answers to these questions get submitted to the server, and get stored as part of the asset/inventory record.

You can also use your phone as an external scanner. Data from the scanned barcode or tapped NFC tag can be sent to an online spreadsheet or a web form.

GPS locations are captured with each scan/tap allowing you to record accurate locations of your assets.

The app works offline too, and will prompt you to sync data once you're online.

With this web app you can tag assets, check-in or check-out assets, record asset audit & maintenance history. You can also record or update inventory details including stock-taking by scanning barcodes or tapping NFC tags.

Data capture questions can be customized to meet a specific need. This then allows you to change what can be captured from a phone, online spreadsheet, or a CSV file import.

Also available for Windows 7 and above.

Use cases

This application can be used in schools, small businesses, charities, warehouses, health care, construction, libraries, rental services, e.t.c

Title Description
Scanning device Smartphones or tablets
Smartphone app Android and iOS
Supported 1D and 2D barcodes QR Code, Datamatrix, UPC E, UPC A, EAN 8, EAN 13, CODE 128, CODE 39, CODE 93, CODABAR, ITF, RSS14, PDF417, RSS EXPANDED
NFC Tags Support Android, iPhone 7 and above
GPS Support Yes
External Scanner Functionality Smartphone app or Bluetooth/USB scanners
Offline Support Yes
Asset Tracking Record assets, check-in/check-out assets, reserve assets, and record audit & maintenance history.
Activity Logging Yes
Inventory Management Record inventory, stock-take
Online Spreadsheet Yes
Successive Barcode Scans Yes
Database backups Yes
Multi-lingual support Yes


If you want the Windows version, any of these Windows versions are supported - Windows Vista, 7, 8, & 10.


If you want the server version, your server needs to meet the specifications below. You can use this file to test your server.

  • PHP 5.4 version and above.
  • Linux server
  • MySQL database
  • JSON enabled
  • Curl enabled
  • Ioncube enabled
  • Zlib enabled
  • Zip enabled
  • Mcrypt enabled
  • Mbstring enabled
  • Libxml enabled

Recommended hosting companies

How much does the server version cost?

The web app costs $299 (USD). It's a one-time charge. The license is valid for a single domain or IP address.

How much does the Windows version cost?

The web app costs $199 (USD). It's a one-time charge. The license is valid for a single computer.

What's the difference between the server and Windows OS version?

See this comparison table.

What happens after I've paid?

You will receive an automated email with a link to download the software.

Can I install the web app on my computer?

Yes, only on Windows 7 and above. Note - the Windows version of the app only runs on a LAN (Local Area Network). If you are using our smartphone apps, they need to be on the same network.

Can I install the web app on my server?

Yes you can! Just ensure your server meets the specs. You can use this script to test your server -

Can I install the web app on multiple domains?

Yes, but you'll need a license for each domain.

Can I modify the source code?

Yes you can, but note a few files are encrypted. This however, wouldn't inhibit you from making modifications.

Do you offer customization of this app?

Yes we do. Charges will vary depending on the type of customization needed.