QR Code & NFC Campaign Manager

This web app will enable you to track engagements from QR Codes and NFC that lead to a website. It uses trackable URLs to do so.

You can generate an unlimited number of dynamic QR codes from your website. The generated QR codes can be custom-styled to include logos, transparency, and multiple patterns.

With the NFC feature, you can write on NFC tags using supported browsers or our smartphone app. The smartphone app also supports the ability to write on many tags in sequence.

The trackable URLs the app generates can be edited at any time without generating the QR codes or writing on the NFC tags again.

The app supports campaigns for smartphone app downloads from app stores, and mobile websites.

Each engagement with the trackable URL gives reports that include real-time scans, unique scans, GPS location, device types, and the medium it was used on. You can also compare the performance of one campaign against another, and share the reports.

You can add Google Analytics UTMS too for other scan activity reports.

The app comes with user accounts, each with their login credentials. It's therefore possible to sign up users with it.

With this app, you retain privacy, full access, ownership, and control of all the campaign and analytics data.

Pay With Card
Title Description
Campaign types Generate QR codes or encode NFC tags that redirect to mobile websites, and smartphone app stores. The destination can be edited at any time.
Generic and custom-styled QR Codes Generate generic or styled QR codes with various patterns and colors. You can also upload logos and change transparency.
Bulk QR codes or NFC encoding Generate multiple QR Codes by importing a CSV with a list of URLs. For NFC, you can encode many of them in sequence.
Notifications Email Notifications for live scans of archived reports
Scheduled Redirection Schedule redirections after a specific date or number of scans threshold
Groups Group campaigns together for easier management
QR Code Download formats Download QR codes as PNGs, JPGs, SVGs and PDFs.
NFC encoding NDEF message
Privacy All generated data stays on your own server.
URL & page activity tracking Scanned URLs offer basic reports, and can be edited anytime. Landing page activity is tracked where the tracking code is installed.
Reports Location with/without street view, device types, page views, scans and goals.
Google Analytics Add your UTM parameters to integrate with Google Analytics.
Billing ( Subscription Version ) Get paid via PayPal or Stripe for accounts users create
User accounts Admins, clients, and subusers (subusers Subscription Version)
Subscription Plugin ( Subscription Version ) Adds user account subscription with billing.
API Create campaigns via a simple API.

Your server needs to meet the specifications below. You can use this file to test your server.

  • PHP 7.4 and above
  • Linux server
  • MySQL database
  • JSON enabled
  • Curl enabled
  • Ioncube enabled
  • Zlib enabled
  • Zip enabled

What's the difference between the basic and the subscription version?

The main difference between the two is, with the subscription version, you can create membership plans that people sign up to. You can collect payments for the membership plans using Stripe or PayPal.

Are the prices shown one-time charges?


What are the prices?

For the basic version it's $350; and for the subscription version it's $450.

Do you provide a smartphone app?

Yes, you can use our iOS and Android app to write to NFC tags.

Where can I install this web app?

You can install the app on any Linux-based server, e.g. on shared hosting accounts, cloud servers, VPSs, etc. Just ensure your server meets the specs. You can use this script to test your server - https://ventipix.com/app-test.zip.

Can I install the web app on multiple domains?

Yes, but you'll need a license for each domain.

Can I modify the source code?

Yes you can, but note a few files are encrypted. This however, wouldn't inhibit you from making modifications to the HTML.

Do you offer customization of this app?

Yes we do. Charges will vary depending on the type of customization needed.