White Label Mobile Coupon Manager For Facebook Offers, Twitter & Email Lists

Version 2.0

This web app will enable you to create, publish and manage mobile coupons for Facebook (Facebook Offers), Twitter, and email campaigns.

With this app you can also:

✓ use a smartphone app to scan and validate QR code coupons

✓ have customers save coupons in their Passbook/Wallet app

✓ schedule coupons to be automatically published at a future date

✓ capture email addresses that can be used for further marketing

✓ sync email addresses with MailChimp or Campaign Monitor

✓ build a demographic profile of the customers by capturing the age and gender of those who redeem coupons

✓ compare coupon redemption data from Facebook, Twitter, or email campaigns


This app will help you create, and validate mobile coupons that can be claimed on Facebook ( Facebook Offers ) or Twitter. The coupons can also be emailed to a huge customer list as part of an email campaign.

Customers claiming these coupons on Facebook or Twitter receive an email that has a QR Code, along with the coupon details. These QR Codes are what they present in store to redeem the offer. Customers on iOS devices can also save the coupons to their Apple Passbook/Wallet. Customers on Android can use Passbook compatible apps to save the coupons on their devices too.

The app comes with a Free smartphone app for scanning and validating QR Code coupons and ensuring they are redeemed properly.

To make things easier for a business, all coupon campaigns can be added to a schedule that runs automatically.

When customers redeem these coupons for example from Facebook or Twitter, the app will build a customer list for you, which you can then use to create email campaigns for the future. You can also have the app sync email addresses with MailChimp or Campaign Monitor.

If you have an existing customer list in a CSV file, you can upload it to the app, then send an emails with your offer.

As people redeem the coupons, detailed reports that include redemption stats plus demographic data ( age and gender ) are made available on the app's dashboard.

The web app supports many users (login accounts). Each account has its own private coupons.

Your server needs to meet the specifications below. You can use this file to test your server.

  • PHP 5.4 and above
  • Linux server
  • MySQL database
  • JSON enabled
  • Curl enabled
  • Ioncube enabled
  • Zlib enabled
  • Zip enabled
  • Mcrypt enabled
  • Libxml enabled

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How does the app work?

When customers claim coupons you publish, they'll receive an email that has a QR code. This QR code is what they present in store to redeem the offer. At the store, you then use our iOS or Android app to scan and validate the QR code.

How much does the web app cost?

The web app costs $199 / SGD 270.53 . It's a one-time charge.

Are there any additional costs?


Which smartphone app do you support?

Android and iOS.

Can I install the web app on my server?

Yes you can! You can install it on a shared hosting/ VPS /cloud server. Just ensure your server meets the specs. You can use this script to test your server - https://ventipix.com/app-test.zip.

Can I install the web app on multiple domains?

Yes, but you'll need a license for each domain.

Can I modify the source code?

Yes you can, but note a few files are encrypted. This however, wouldn't inhibit you from making modifications.

Can I change the theme/colors ?

Yes you can change the theme on both the web app, and the Android App.

Do you offer customization of this app?

Yes we do. Charges will vary depending on the type of customization needed.